You wake in the morning, full of energy and vitality, after a deep, restful regenerative sleep.

You feel refreshed, focused, healthier and happier and can see it when you look in the mirror today, and every morning after …

You know you now have complete control over your health, your life and your stress.

You’ve got your life back – happy, healthy and back in control!!

This is how I feel every day – but for a very long time, I didn’t.

I created OnCalm to initially fix myself – but now, our mission at OnCalm, is to help fix you!

Hi … I’m Evan

I help people understand and manage their stress and help them fix the damage that stress does to their health, and their lives.

Our OnCalm Programs – Relaxation Switch, AdrenalCalm and Relaxation Switch for Men, are clinically proven, evidence based, scientifically developed programs to fix the physical, mental & emotional damage that stress causes to our health and life.

Our evidence-based natural health protocols, integrate mindset, meditation, relaxation, nutrition, supplements, exercise & sleep.

These protocols work in combination, to target the core of your problem – to not just relieve your symptoms, but to repair damage from the past, and to protect you from future damage.

You will make life-changing progress & fix your damaged health faster & more effectively – guaranteed.

As they say, I’ve been around – been there and done that, both personally and professionally – the incredible highs and the “challenging” lows!  A number of years in “corporate/consulting life” – but many more in start-ups – both mine and others.

It’s hard to put into words, so I’ll keep it short!

Yes, I’ve got a few degrees under my belt – but I’ve never stopped learning!

An Engineering Degree and a Master of Business Administration (MBA), both from Monash University in Australia.

I’ve spent enough time in corporate/consulting to understand corporate life, in manufacturing (automotive and FMCG), ERP software technology, residential building, franchising and digital media.

Geographically corporate/consulting has taken me throughout Australia, Asia-Pacific, US and Europe.

Start-ups (especially technology) have always been my “passion”.

I have done one as an employee (ERP from start-up through to NASDAQ listing), and four of my own (across consumer web, SAAS, VR).

Plus several more as advisory/board member/mentor.

Yes, I’ve also had a life!

Working and exploring my way through 25+ countries, 2 incredible children, marriage, divorce, family health issues (too much cancer, clinical depression).

25+ years of “on-and-off” transcendental meditation, pranayama, nutrition, fitness, training.

These days meditation, nutrition, fitness, training is my life – so it’s pretty much “on”.

I know how you’re feeling – I have been where you are now.

This is why I created OnCalm.  Really, I had no choice – my life depended on it.

I’d lived a decade of extreme stress.

I was a tech CEO & a single dad, managing everyone & everything – business, kids, family, divorce, until …

One night, I was out with friends and collapsed – unconscious.

The paramedics took me lights and sirens to emergency.

The doctors plugged me into their machines.

And I lay there as the specialists ran their tests – lots of tests.

I was plugged into machines for days.

And when they discharged me, the doctors told me that “all seemed OK” – they couldn’t find anything wrong.

And in the weeks & months that followed, I had more tests – more doctors – same result.

They couldn’t find anything wrong with me.

And that would have been great – except the symptoms never went away.

I was exhausted and fatigued during the day – but I couldn’t sleep at night.

I’d stare at the ceiling for hours, trying to sleep.

I’d wake-up then during the night, and stare at the ceiling again, to get back to sleep.

I was always angry, tense, frustrated, sad, anxious, nervous.

Headaches, back aches, neck pain, belly pain – always getting sick.

I craved carbs, fast food – sugar and salty snacks.

Caffeine was the only thing getting me though.

When the doctor’s final recommendation was a “mental health plan”, medication & to avoid stress, it was obvious that there was no clearly defined process, for understanding and fixing stress – and the problems, that are caused by stress.

We just can’t escape the things that cause our stress. We live in a real world that we can’t control.

We have real world responsibilities & we can’t walk away from our life causes our stress.

So, as an engineer with an MBA – my job was always developing solutions to problems.

This time, the problem was me!

So … I began a 4 year research program – reading, testing, trialing, talking to doctors, exercise scientists, nutritionists, yogis, psychologists and more, with me as the “guinea pig”.

I tested and trialed techniques and variations, of supplements, nutrition, exercise, meditation, sleep – to create a solution that would fix me and cure me of my symptoms of stress.

Not just cure me of the symptoms, but to repair the damage and protect me from future damage.

After 4 years of research and testing, when it became clear to everyone that what I discovered had fixed me – had given me my life back.

Had repaired me – cured me of all the damage done by stress & made me almost stress-proof – they kept asking …

Could I SHARE the solution I had developed.

So I did – and that’s why I created OnCalm.

(PS – I also wrote a book about it – coming soon, “Control Your Relaxation Switch”)

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