About Us?

Really, OnCalm isn't about us - it's "About You".

(but, here's a few things About Me!)

Hi, I'm Evan.

I’m a mechanical engineer, with an MBA who likes a steak and a beer. 

I'm based in Melbourne, Australia and have always lived close to the ocean (the photo above is my home beach!)

I'm not an "incense & crystals" wellness influencer.

So, why am I here? Why OnCalm?

20+ years as tech CEO, left me unconscious & hooked-up to  machines in the hospital emergency - and the doctors had no answers.
So I spent 4 years researching the science & the physiology of the problem of stress.
My research breakthroughs helped me "cracked the code" & I develop a solution to fix my stress, burnout & adrenal fatigue. 
To reverse the damage, rebuild my health & my body & get my life back.
So I documented everything I discovered, wrote a series of books & created OnCalm.

So now, through my science backed OnCalm programs, I help you understand stress & help fix the damage that stress does to your health & your life. 

A Very Short CV

As they say, I’ve been around – been there and done that, both personally and professionally – the incredible highs and the “challenging” lows!

A number of years in “corporate/consulting life” – but many more in start-ups – both mine and others.

It’s hard to put into words, so I’ll keep it short!

You wake in the morning, full of energy and vitality, after a deep, restful regenerative sleep.

You feel refreshed, focused, healthier and happier and can see it when you look in the mirror today, and every morning after …

You know you now have complete control over your health, your life and your stress.

You’ve got your life back – happy, healthy and back in control!!

This is how I feel every day – but for a very long time, I didn’t.

I created OnCalm to initially fix myself – but now, our mission at OnCalm, is to help fix you!

Fix Stress -  10x Your Performance, Your Leadership,
Your Health & Your Life - 
in Just 3 Minutes Per Week 

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