You wake in the morning, full of energy and vitality, after a deep, restful regenerative sleep.

You feel refreshed, focused, healthier and happier and can see it when you look in the mirror today, and every morning after …

You know you now have complete control over your feelings and symptoms of stress and the freedom and power to regain control in any difficult or emotional situation.

This is how I feel every day – but for a very long time, I didn’t.  I created OnCalm initially to not only fix myself, but so that you too, can feel this!

About OnCalm

OnCalm and our “Control Your Relaxation Switch” system, is a scientifically based, stress management program, that allows anyone anywhere to manage the physiological effects that stress has on our body.

Incorporating clinically proven guided relaxation exercises, plus nutrition, exercise and sleep, education and implementation programs, OnCalm is available:

About Evan Jones

As they say, I’ve been around – been there and done that, both personally and professionally – the incredible highs and the “challenging” lows!  A number of years in “corporate/consulting life” – but many more in start-ups – both mine and others.

It’s hard to put into words, so I’ll keep it short!

Yes, I’ve got a few degrees under my belt – but I’ve never stopped learning!

An Engineering Degree and a Master of Business Administration (MBA), both from Monash University in Australia.

I’ve spent enough time in corporate/consulting to understand corporate life, in manufacturing (automotive and FMCG), ERP software technology, residential building, franchising and digital media.

Geographically corporate/consulting has taken me throughout Australia, Asia-Pacific, US and Europe.

Start-ups (especially technology) have always been my “passion”.

I have done one as an employee (ERP from start-up through to NASDAQ listing), and four of my own (across consumer web, SAAS, VR).

Plus several more as advisory/board member/mentor.

Yes, I’ve also had a life!

Working and exploring my way through 25+ countries, 2 incredible children, marriage, divorce, family health issues (too much cancer, clinical depression).

25+ years of “on-and-off” transcendental meditation, pranayama, nutrition, fitness, training.

These days meditation, nutrition, fitness, training is my life – so it’s pretty much “on”.

Why OnCalm?

I’m always being asked – Why OnCalm?

Why not stay in corporate?  Why not stay in technology?

I created OnCalm because I lay there and watched Louis die.

It was Stress that killed him, but it wasn’t going to kill me.

It causes 60% of all illness and you have it.

For myself and my family, I had to fix myself.

And I did – so I created OnCalm.

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