Stress Damages The Life You Love 


I Help You Fix Stress &
the Problems Stress Causes for Your Health & Life.


 10x Your  Performance, Take Back Control &
Stress-Proof Your Work & Life,
Fast & Forever.
Without Sacrificing Your High-Intensity World

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OnCalm is Evidence-Based Step-by-Step Programs, 
to Fix Stress & the Damage Stress Causes to Our Health & Life.

Rebuild your Body, Mind & Health
So You Live Healthy & Happy, Stress-Free & Stress-Proof
In Our Challenging & Relentless World.

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Stress & the Problems it Causes,
Damages The Life You Love.

Is This What Life Feels Like for You?

  • Are you sleeping OK?  ... No

  • Do you feel anxious, uncertain & agitated? ... Yes

  • Are you exhausted, fatigued & empty? ... Yes

  • Do you physically and mentally crash with no energy? ... Yes

  • Are you short-tempered, angry & tense? ... Yes

  • Are you moody, sad & unhappy? ... Yes

  • Are you craving sugar & junk food? ... Yes

  • Do you have headaches, gut problems?  Are you often getting sick? ... Yes

  • RUOK - Are you doing OK? ... Not really

When you know stress is causing a problem, but you don't know what to do ... there is OnCalm....

It's Time Now To
Fix Stress & all the Problems Stress Causes.
10x Your Performance at Work & Life

Our OnCalm programs have been scientifically developed to help you fix stress & the problems stress causes. 

They help you rebuild your body, mind & health & give you back control. 

The science of OnCalm, helps you live healthy, happy & stress-proof, without quitting your high-intensity world. 

This is how they work. 

The Problems Caused by Chronic Stress
Affects Us All Differently.


Solutions Engineered to Help Men Fix Stress &
the Problems Stress Causes. 
To 10x Performance & Stress-Proof their Work & Life
Fast & Forever.

Men: When the Stress in Your Life is Unrelenting, You Need to Fix the Problem & Stress-Proof Your Work & Life, Without Quitting your High-Intensity World

Powered by Breakthrough Science -  Engineered for Men


Why Did I Create OnCalm?

I Was Unconscious. Hooked-up to Machines in the Hospital ER Emergency

Hi, I'm Evan.

I’m an engineer with an MBA who loves a steak and a beer.

I'm an ex-tech CEO - not an “incense, crystals and lentils” wellness influencer.

So why did I create OnCalm?

I was unconscious, and hooked-up to machines in the hospital ER emergency.

The stress of 20+ years as a tech CEO, financial pressures, divorce, life as a single dad - had almost destroyed me. 

So, after months of tests and medical specialists - the doctors' verdict was "take these meds, take three months off work, take it easy and avoid stress".


How do we just walk away and sacrifice everything we've worked so hard for. 

You see, the problem wasn't just the damage to my body.

The problem is that in "Today's Real World", we're always under stress. 

We can't just walk away from our responsibilities and our life we've worked so hard for.

In other words - no one had an answer to "Today's Real-World Stress" - no one and nothing could help.

Now, an engineer’s job is to create innovative, evidence-based solutions to complex problems.

This time, the complex problem was fixing me!

So after 4 years of R&D, I discovered the science-based solution that fixed my stress & the problems stress had caused to my health.

That not only rebuild my body & my health - but 10x performance at work and in life and  gave me back control over the unrelenting stress of our high-intensity world. 

So, I documented everything I discovered.

I wrote my book - ManCalm - and I created OnCalm and our evidence-based, science-powered programs to help you fix your stress & and the damage stress has caused you and your family.

To give you back control of your health and the stress in your world. 

Even if you've been suffering for years & think you've tried everything.

Even when the doctors couldn't help you & you didn't you'd ever feel healthy again.

Read my story

We're Transforming Lives

“We were very fortunate to meet Evan at a not so fortunate period of my life ...  His wisdom and kindness were exactly what I and my wife needed at that time.

He was able to quickly diagnose the underlying issues and offer tangible and practical options to try and address the issues as quickly as possible,

It is without reservation that I can recommend Evan, not only as a professional stress coach, but more importantly, as someone who is approachable, generous of spirit and amazingly gifted."

Michael Carrick, Melbourne