It’s my goal (wish/dream/hope) to help bring some relief, health and happiness, to 1 million people, through “Our Relaxation Switch” System.

This is not 1 million people like us, it’s others, who would not have access to a system like “Relaxation Switch”.

So, for every copy of the Relaxation Switch Program that we sell, we are able to donate TWO copies to on-profit partners to help others in need. Every three months, we total up the number of Relaxation Switch systems we sell and we donate twice this number of systems to people, individuals, groups in need.

We’re hoping that the Thanks-A-Million program can help those communities facing economic and social hardship, drug and alcohol problems, homelessness, individuals and their families dealing with serious illness and abuse.

I know that helping 1 million people is a crazy big, hugely optimistic number, that we’ll probably never get to – but even if we only achieve a fraction of this goal, can you imagine how much more happiness that this would create? How many happier families, and less troubled individuals there would be??

If you are a registered charity or nonprofit, and would like to become of our “Thanks-A-Million” partners, we’d love to hear from you and see how we can help.

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