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Do you get up every morning – still fatigued?

Are you exhausted at the end of the day, but struggle to get to sleep?  Do you then wake during the night, and stare at the ceiling, unable to get back to sleep.

Are you finding it hard to wind down and relax –  full of nervous tension – irritable, intolerant and easily upset.

These are some of the physical symptoms of stress.

The emotional symptoms of stress – the feeling of constant anxiety, “mental fog” and an almost “paralysis-like” inability to escape it all – and the impact that this has on family and friends – can be worse.

Why has the World Health Organization labeled stress …
“The Health Epidemic of the 21st Century” ??

Because our “24/7 always-on lifestyle” means our Stress Engine never turns off.

Dangerous stress chemicals continue to flood through our body for months, years – or longer.

So we suffer the serious health problems caused by long-term, chronic stress.

Actually, there are TWO problems.

PROBLEM ONE – The Physical Problems, Caused by the Damage that Stress Does to our Body

The physiology of the problem of stress is covered in much more detail here ”What is Stress and What Causes Stress” and here ”How Today’s Stress Destroys Our Body and How to Stop It” .

The depth of the problem, however, gets worse when we consider the effects of long-term or chronic stress.

While we all feel the immediate symptoms of stress on our body, such as tiredness, inability to sleep, tension, headaches, nausea, panic attacks, chest pain, anger, mood swings, weight gain, there are many more serious health risks.

Researchers have now linked long-term exposure to chronic stress – to the stress chemicals epinephrine, norepinephrine, and cortisol, to serious and fatal long-term illness, including:

  • cardio vascular disease including heart attack and stroke;
  • autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease and colitis;
  • neurological diseases including Parkinson’s Disease and multiple sclerosis;
  • severe psychological illnesses such as anxiety and depression; and even
  • some cancers.

PROBLEM TWO – The Problem of Trying to Go It Alone

Often we find ourselves held back by time or the high-stress state in which we find ourselves – there is still the personal challenge of preparing mentally, emotionally and physically – to hold ourselves accountable and to recognize and uncover the hidden challenges that could sabotage our success.

Often, the things holding you back is not knowing WHAT you should be doing – rather, it’s the challenge of the ongoing structure, motivation, and accountability along the way.

Have you ever started a fitness program and looked at the progress that you made when you went about it all alone – compared with the success that you had when you worked together with a personal trainer or coach.

You probably know how it feels when you try and go it alone.  You start out on a journey, full of passion and excitement.

You begin well and seem to be making good progress towards your goals, but somewhere along the path, you lose sight of the destination.

You feel fatigue and begin to procrastinate.  Every step becomes harder to take and longer to complete … until you stop, and never reach your destination.

Anyone who has reached this pinnacle of success knows that no one, no matter how talented and powerful, does it alone.  They know that success is rarely achieved in isolation.

Rather, successful people surround themselves with a team of skilled, motivated, experienced, professionals, that they draw on when needed, helping them break through & overcome obstacles, to take their performance and their life to the next level.

Why Work With Me?

I know how you’re feeling – I have been there.

This is why I created OnCalm – really, I had no choice – my life depended on it.

But really, why work with me?

Because, you have a problem with the damage done by Today’s Stress.

Stress damages us and our families – and that is NOT FAIR.

I know how it feels to be exhausted at the end of the day, but unable to sleep at night.

How a scrambled brain makes it almost impossible to concentrate.  Feeling just so tense, and frustrated that you can almost explode (and sometimes you do).

I know stress – I have been through it and I spent many years researching and then developing the solution – that allows us to live with Today’s Stress.

A solution that fixed me and that has also fixed so many, many others.

So work with me and together we will fix your problem too.

We Need a Way to Live & Work, Happy & Healthy in Today’s Uncertain, 24/7 Always-on, High-Stress World

When I began my 4-year process to discover a solution to the stress killing me – there was very little documented and practical information available.

However, lying there in hospital – committed to discovering a solution that would fix me – I approached the problem in the same way as all the other business problems I had faced.

I put my 25 years of experience with start-up and international corporate experience and my engineering degree and MBA to work.  I also knew that I couldn’t do it alone.

My 4-years of research into the problem of stress, incorporated the breakthrough findings of the Harvard Medical School, and hundreds of other independent research projects.  The doctors, psychologists and medical experts who patiently explained the physiology; to the yogis and the meditation masters, who have practised and taught these techniques for many centuries; and also to the researchers who are now documenting the incredible results that are achieved with these techniques.

And when it became clear to everyone, that the system that I had created had fixed me – had made me almost stress-proof – they kept asking HOW was it, that I’d been able to fix myself, while still living and working in a high-stress environment?

They all kept asking WHAT I had discovered and could I SHARE the solutions that I had discovered and developed.

So I did – and I called it “Control Your Relaxation Switch”.

The Solution Is the OnCalm
Control Your Relaxation Switch System.

As your Personal Stress Coach, I will work with you to help you regain control, supercharge your performance, and become “stress-proof” too – faster and more effectively than you ever thought possible.

reduce your stress – sleep more soundly – improve your focus and concentration – feel happier, reduce irritability & improve your mood – become more resilient – reduce your feelings of anxiety – ease the symptoms of depression – reduce your feelings of tension, anger and frustration

Transform your Life

You wake every morning and feel refreshed and energized.

You Feel Alive … Full of Hope, Optimism, and in Total Control of your Calm and Your Life.

You feel Empowered.

By now controlling the way our body reacts to stress, you now know you can manage any difficult and emotional situations.

Here you are … feeling confident, under control, no longer tense, no longer tired, full of energy … at the end of a stressful day, in the middle of a stressful week/month/year … feeling refreshed, focused, healthier and happier than you’ve felt in a very long time.

You’ve felt the stress leaving your body, replaced by calm and vitality … You can see it when you look in the mirror today, and every morning after …

Friends, family – everyone – can see it too.

Work With Me. I Know the Problem, I Have the Solution
Together We Will Fix This

I’m only able to work with a limited number of clients at a time.

So to receive my help, guidance and support to become more refreshed, focused, healthier and happier than you ever thought possible. Let’s get started – Book your complementary 30-min “Let’s Just Talk” Coaching Call With Me Now

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“How has OnCalm helped our users? Let them tell you.


"I close my office door for 10 minutes and it’s like an energy burst."

We’re first time parents with a young baby and needed help with the stress, exhaustion and lack of sleep – not just my partner – me too!
Friends suggested your OnCalm system and it’s already helping heaps – we’re starting to feel normal again!
It helps my partner get some deep rest even if she only got 15 minutes.
I use it at work too in the afternoons – I close my office door for 10 minutes and it’s like an energy burst.

Jason - Oakland, CA

He was able to quickly diagnose the underlying issues and offer tangible and practical options to try and address the issues as quickly as possible,

“We were very fortunate to meet Evan at a not so fortunate period of my life when I was battling depression and anxiety. To say Evan was extremely empathetic and accepting of the trauma I was experiencing, would be a major understatement.

Evan not only understood the problem , but was very good at expressing concern as to how I was going to recover from this debilitating illness – which few people understand or accept.

His wisdom and kindness were exactly what I and my wife needed at that time.

He was able to quickly diagnose the underlying issues and offer tangible and practical options to try and address the issues as quickly as possible, while at the same time, not making me rush the process.

It is without reservation that I can recommend Evan, not only as a professional stress coach, but more importantly, as someone who is approachable, generous of spirit and amazingly gifted."

Michael Carrick, Melbourne

"Helps me unwind after work, and I’m asleep almost instantly and sleep like a log"

This Relaxation Switch system has really changed the way I sleep.
All my working life, I’ve never really slept well – I always put it down to work - my brain was always spinning with work problems.
OnCalm now helps me unwind after work, and I’m asleep almost instantly and sleep like a log!
I’m not as cranky as I was and feel so much more rested all day.

George - Jacksonville, FL

"it’s like a magic memory pill ... a quick OnCalm exercise and it all sort of comes back to me.

I’m not normally stressed, but I use OnCalm system to help me juggle study, exams and college life.
When I’m studying late at night, I use the meditation exercises to help me keep going instead of sleeping.
Before exams, it’s like a magic memory pill – if my brain’s scrambled, or I panic and forget things, a quick OnCalm exercise and it all sort of comes back to me.

Tyler - La Jolla, CA

"My job is full-on stress, and this ... has been a lifesaver."

I just wanted to say thanks!
My job is full-on stress, and this Relaxation Switch system has been a lifesaver.
I love that I can choose calm or energy, depending on how I feel.
On the way home, I listen to the unwind exercise on the train and feel normal by the time I’m home.

Shaun - New York, NY

"The perfect anti-dote to the noisy and chaotic work environment"

As an emergency physician my work involves constant decision-making and interruptions and after an evening shift in particular it is difficult to “wind down” and get to sleep easily.
The OnCalm sleep exercises in particular are very relaxing and soothing, the perfect anti-dote to the noisy and chaotic work environment. Using the guided technique I am finding the combination of soothing music, voice and the controlled breathing brings on rapid relaxation and sleep.

Dr Helen Parker - Emergency Physician - MBBS, FACEM, DMJ(Clin)

A quick, practical and easy way to recharge the batteries

As construction/site manager, I'm responsible for coordinating multiple teams of construction workers, suppliers, contractors, equipment and ensuring everyone is working to meet the project schedule - this means long hours, lots of physical as well as mental stress and strain.
During the difficult days, OnCalm is a quick, practical and easy way to recharge the batteries - as a builder out on site, if it's not practical, it doesn't happen!

Richard Antony - Construction/Site Manager

"How do I put it? You need to use this OnCalm system ..."

How do I put it? You need to use this OnCalm system.
I’m NOT a meditation person, but for a while, things have been tough at home - couldn’t sleep, eating rubbish - just miserable and grumpy all the time.
It was either use something like OnCalm, or go on medication and in only a few weeks, everyone can see the difference!
It was really simple to use – I’m smiling again and finally sleeping properly.

Daniel - London, UK

"It truly helps reduce my blood pressure and makes me feel better."

I don’t normally do this, but I just wanted to thank you guys at OnCalm – your system has really helped with my anxiety.
I’m a bit of an anxious person, and was starting to get blood pressure problems and my doctor suggested using meditation to help, and I heard about your Relaxation Switch system from a friend.
It truly helps reduce my BP and make me feel better. I sneak out to my car at lunch to do it everyday on work days.
It’s addictive and calming. I've just gotten my husband into it too!

Heather - Oakridge, TN

"I sleep better now and I’ve got so much more energy during the day."

Thanks for the amazing Life/Happiness/Power Hack you guys at OnCalm have put together.
Gives me amazing moments of peace during the day.
I know this is crazy, you can't make this stuff up, but I was let go from my job unexpectedly and I felt so in control about it all and was really able to deal with it as it was happening.
This system is not magical, it just helps you use what your body has inside - but I try to use it every day - the days that I don't, I can tell the difference.
I sleep better now and I’ve got so much more energy during the day.

Ashley - Seattle, WA

Work With Me. I Know the Problem, I Have the Solution
Together We Will Fix This

Wake up feeling refreshed and invigorated every morning, happy and healthy – while living and working, a high-performance, high-stress, 24/7 always-on life. Feel in complete control even in difficult or emotional situations throughout the day, with energy to spare for you and your family at the end of the day.

Book your complimentary 30-minute “Let’s Just Talk” coaching call with me now.

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So, welcome to OnCalm and I look forward to hearing from your, the stories of your new refreshed, focused, happier & healthier life.

I hope you enjoy the wonderful calm, energy, focus and control that you’ll now have.

And don’t forget, any questions, thoughts, comments or feedback, please I’d love to hear them.

Best wishes,

Evan Jones
Founder, OnCalm