Live seminar training from Evan Jones - world recognized Stress Coach, author & speaker  

Discover the 7 Steps to Become Stress-Proof, 

Switch-Off Stress Anytime & Reverse Your Body Clock
… specifically for men (absolutely no chakra balancing, lentils or incense).

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Evan Jones

Stress Coach - Founder OnCalm

I'm a cynical engineer, with an MBA. 

After 25+ years of corporate & tech start-ups, I ended up plugged into machines in the hospital's emergency department. Knowing that “avoiding” stress in our 24/7 world isn’t possible – I embarked on a 4 year R&D journey, to create a solution to "fix" myself & allow anyone, to switch-off stress anytime & live happy & healthy, in their high stress world.

In this Seminar I explain what I learnt, in the 4 years of R&D it took to fix me - to fix my stress & reverse my body clock.

In this Online Seminar you will discover ... 

  • 1
    Why Today’s Stress is so much worse for men like us & why “yesterday’s” treatments of anti-depressants, anxiety meds, sleeping pills & therapy, not only don’t work, but make your problem much, much worse.
  • 2
    That most "new age mindfulness" therapists, don’t know the physiology behind meditation, scientifically what it does or how it applies to fixing the damage done by the years of stress you've been through.
  • 3
    The research breakthrough so you can repair damage done by past stress & defend yourself from future stress – so you will feel under total control – full of energy & never tense – in the middle of the most stressful day, week, month, year  
  • 4
    How to Switch-on Calm - anywhere - and solve your problem of anxiety & panic attacks, headaches & high blood pressure - feel relaxed & in control, no matter the situation.
  • 5
    How to Switch-on Energy – anytime - and defeat your debilitating exhaustion, tiredness & fatigue, & bounce with the energy & vitality you had as a college student.
  • 6
    The process to Switch-on Sleep and finally end, your restless, sleepless nights - so you sleep like a log every night, & wake up feeling refreshed & energized every morning
No charge - Seminar Available Now.