FREE Community & Workplace Seminars – Melbourne & Sydney

Help us to spread the word in your workplace or community

After the incredible response from our last seminar series, we’re continuing to “spread the word” about stress throughout the community wherever we can.

So, if you get everyone together (minimum 10 please), we’ll come and give a FREE 1-hour stress awareness seminar for your community or workplace in Melbourne and Sydney. 

Interested in a FREE Stress Awareness Seminar for your Workplace or Community?

We’ve heard stress is bad – but how many know why?  And is it “bad” like “junk food”, or can it be fatal like smoking?

More importantly – because we can’t just walk away & escape the things that cause our stress, what do we do?

Our one-hour Stress Awareness seminars, are light & entertaining, with a healthy mix of facts, physiology, practical tips (what helps & what doesn’t), plus a series of takeaway action items., that will change the way you think about managing stress (& may even change your life).

In our Stress Awareness Seminars, you will learn:

  • What happens to our body when we are under stress
  • Why is stress dangerous and what health problems arise from exposure to long-term stress;
  • How we can learn to naturally switch-off stress & relieve the symptoms of stress, & switch-on calm, energy, focus & sleep, anywhere and anytime.
  • How the Building Blocks of Stress Defense, can help repair the damage done by past stress, but also help defend yourself against future stress.

Your Speaker – Evan Jones – Stress Coach – Founder OnCalm

After 25+ years of corporate & tech start-ups, I ended up plugged into machines in the hospital’s emergency department.

Knowing that “avoiding” stress in our 24/7 world isn’t possible – I embarked on a 4 year R&D journey, to create a solution to “fix” me.

So now, the OnCalm system helps anyone to switch-off stress anytime & live happy & healthy, in our high-stress world and I help to “spread the word” and talk about stress and it’s dangers to anyone who’ll listen!